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Susan and Stuart Broad

I would have no problem in recommending Mark from Freedom Car Care to others. I guess we are car enthusiasts , so it’s important that our cars look good and are well maintained. Mark’s level of care and effort with our cars is just brilliant. We have been using Mark’s services for around 6 years now, and our cars are looking great.
Over the years we had used a number of different car detailers. So we noticed on Mark’s first call-out that his high level of workmanship, and in-particular his eye for detail, was exactly what we liked. He is extremely professional, and we trust him completely with our cars. Mark understands our passion for our cars. I like how Mark has a fantastic knowledge of products available in helping keep our cars looking brand new. He is up-to-date with it all.
The paintwork on our cars look fantastic. Whether it’s our everyday family car or our Sunday drive car, the paintwork stays protected and looking like it did when it was brand new. Friends often remark on how our cars are always kept looking so nice.