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New Car Protection

New Car Protection

Why pay extra at the car dealership when you can get superior products and workmanship from Freedom Car Care?

Even the best car dealerships charge inflated prices on new car protection packages, often using inferior products and unqualified personnel.

Freedom Car Care uses premium products and takes the time and effort to ensure all of your vehicle’s surfaces are protected. We also provide services not offered at car dealerships, such as glass polishing, glass sealing and others….. (See Special Services).

For the best in new car protection, we recommend our Ultimate New Car Protection Package, which includes the best in interior and exterior surface protection available.

This package covers all the areas that are generally left neglected by other detailers in order to keep the price low. Meticulous polishing and paint preparation are a large part of this process as well as a thicker layer of Opti-Coat paint protection. It’s how a new car protection should be done.

This package includes:                               

  • Paint preparation
  • Wheels Opti-Coated
  • Fabric protection
  • Leather protection
  • Bonus – Glass polishing and wash kit
  • Two layers of Professional-grade Opti-Coat paint protection (machine application)

Car Size Guide:

  • Small = Small hatch back, small sports car
  • Medium = medium hatch back, sedan, regular sports car
  • Large – large sedan, sports, compact SUV, 4WD
  • X-Large = Large SUV, 4WD

Contact us for advice on what package is best suited to your needs