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Paint Protection

Paint Protection

Permanent paint protection to best protect your vehicle from the elements

Why use paint protection?

Paint protection is essential for extending the longevity and appearance of your vehicle. It is one of the primary factors determining how your vehicle will look in the years to come.

Good quality paint protection shields the factory clear coat from the environment and atmosphere, as well as from minor scratches. Premium paint protection products, when applied correctly, will keep your vehicle looking and feeling like new, for years.

Professional-grade Opti-Coat Paint Protection

Freedom Car Care was the first approved applicator of professional-grade Opti-Coat Paint Protection in Western Australia.  

This product is not available to the general public, as it requires years of experience and expertise in applying paint sealants to use it correctly.

Opti-Coat is a breakthrough in paint protection technology from the USA, where it has earned a reputation as the best product on the market.

Opti-Coat is the ONLY permanent paint protection coating in existence, with unsurpassed durability and scratch resistance. In addition, Opti-Coat’s resistance to bird droppings, which are highly acidic – is second-to-none.

Professional-grade Opti-Coat paint protection is backed by a 5-year Warranty.

An Extended Lifetime warranty is also available to customers that comply with the “Lifetime Warranty” terms and conditions.

More information about Professional Grade Opti-Coat or the Warranty Terms and Conditions can be found on the Optimum Car Care websites.


“A number of businesses in Perth have applied to become approved applicators of professional-grade Opti-Coat, but Freedom Car Care was the first to be given access to this product in Western Australia – and it continues to be one of only two businesses approved to apply the product in WA.” – Joel Blake, Managing Director, Zen Automotive Suppliers Pty Ltd. (Australian Opti-Coat Distributer)


Professional-grade Opti-Coat Paint Protection: Fast Facts

  • It is the only permanent paint protection coating on the market.
  • It based on a material called carborundum, which is used in the manufacturing of ceramic disc brakes and bullet proof vests.
  • It is backed by a 5-year Warranty, with the possibility of an optional Extended Lifetime Warranty.
  • It is more than 100-times thicker than other paint protection sealants.
  • There is no limit to its durability. 

More about Opti-Coat

Opti-Coat does not oxidise over time and provides permanent, hydrophobic surface characteristics that release water, dirt and grime so your car stays cleaner for longer. It can be applied to painted surfaces, wheels and hard trim.

Opti-Coat bonds permanently with the factory coating, protecting the surface indefinitely, and it will not delaminate.

A single layer of Opti-Coat coat is approximately 100-times thicker than other paint protection sealants. This allows it to effectively absorb damage that would otherwise affect the factory paint layers. Swirl marks, light scratches and chemical etching are not only decreased by the hard clear coating, but the factory paint is also better protected by the thick outer Optimum coating.

Opti-Coat is also completely resistant to acidic substances such as bird droppings. Unlike your factory clear coat that can be permanently damaged, Opti-Coat will not etch or dissolve when in contact with these acidic substances and a clean, glossy clear coating is maintained.

For more information, see the Opti-Coat website.

Opti-Coat Paint Protection Price Guide (GST included)

Machine application
One layer 
Machine application
Two layers
Hand application
One layer
Hand application Two layers
Small $850 $975 $600 $750
Medium $950 $1075 $650 $850
Large $1025 $1150 $700 $900
X-Large $1150 $1275 $750 $1000

* Machine application requires more Opti-Coat product and provides better protection. Freedom Car Care recommends a two-layer application by machine, which uses around 45ccs of Opti-Coat for a medium sized car. By comparison, the two-layer process applied by hand uses approximately 20ccs of Opti-Coat.

Car Size Guide:

  • Small = Small hatch back, small sports car
  • Medium = medium hatch back, sedan, regular sports car
  • Large – large sedan, sports, compact SUV, 4WD
  • X-Large = Large SUV, 4WD